3 reasons why you should bet on golf

Not many people bet on golf compared to football or horses. However, golf has many opportunities. Golf is a long game; it needs four days to complete. You can get big wins by betting on golf. Here are the reasons why you should bet on golf.

Winning odds are big

The odds of winning a golf tournament is between 8/1 and 80/1. So, it is difficult to pick up a winner, but if you do the win will be a big one. ‘Each Way’ betting and ‘Outright Win’ are the most popular forms of golf betting. As many tournaments are going on throughout the year, you have lots of opportunities to win big money every week.

Bookies don’t agree all the time


When you pick a winner, the bookies might not agree. They may offer a price of 16/1 or 20/1. You can find the player’s odds at 25/1 even somewhere else. In golf, it’s easy to identify the difference. Bookies set odds on the basis of calculation of world ranking, current form, and previous results. However, they won’t be assessing the chances of 144 players every week. So, there is always a margin for error.

The game takes a long time to complete

Golf takes four days to complete. So, you can do all your research for the four days and then choose your pick. You can get four days of gambling entertainment for just $10!

Golf betting needs patience. It might take some time to grasp the detailed information, but once to understand it you have a good chance of winning big.

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